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CX Series Freedom redefined

More complex workpieces in smaller batch sizes, shorter life cycles and an intensively competitive environment determine present-day work processes in industrial production. The ability to react quickly and flexibly to market requirements is therefore an essential precondition for corporate success.

The CNC Multi-Spindle Automatics of the CX generation

  • Cleared, freely accessible machining area
  • No drives, slide guides, lubrication and cooling lines or cables within the machining area
  • Excellent accessibility, free chip fall
  • Easy retooling and tool retrofitting
  • Free speed selection
  • Increase in machining range at the second workpiece side through exact transfer and up to three additional spindles
  • Complete machining through the possibility of integrating C and Y-axes in all positions

You alone determine cycle and speed

The core of the CX-, - the spindle drum-, - is positioned precisely in its position by a high-precision Hirth coupling system. Together with the stringent thermo-symmetrical structure of the headstock, this guarantees top process reliability in all spindle positions.

  • Process reliability through thermo-symmetry
  • Liquid-cooled motor spindles with high dynamics and traction
  • Precise digital speed control, C-axis operation and spindle positioning
  • Independent speeds and optimum cutting speeds improve surface quality, tool lifetimes and chip breaking
  • Spindle drums cycle through
  • Autonomous drive controllers result in no moving cables, a minimum of slip rings and reduction of wear and susceptibility

You determine the processes for your workpiece

With the innovative axis structure of the cross machining units used in the multi-spindle machines for the first time worldwide, Schütte has developed a concept that combines the advantages of a rigid slide construction with flexible machine configuration.

  • Rigid compound slide units as standard – for flexible configuration with fixed and driven tools
  • Full CNC compound slides in all positions
  • Turret functions for follow-on and sister tools
  • Drilling and milling with C- and Y-axis
  • Modular system provides retooling and retrofitting options
  • No drives, cables, etc. within the machining area
  • Hydrostatic guide with excellent damping characteristics, less tool wear

Stand up to your workpieces

Stable, precise tool carriers and short machining times still remain important for efficient end-face grinding. The CX permits simultaneous machining on the circumference and on the front surface of the workpiece in every spindle position.

  • Short material removal times thanks to simultaneous machining of circumference and front surface
  • Absolute precision through feed free of play
  • Linear distribution of main cutting forces in the longitudinal axis prevents bending moments on the tool carrier
  • Modular system of turret and compound slide units
  • Simple retooling and retrofitting in the freely accessible machining area
  • Excellent accessibility
  • Front face machining with follow-on tools and Y-axis

Discover the other side

With its seven- or nine-spindle version, the CX opens up a completely new dimension in machining of the workpiece rear side. Complex workpieces can now be manufactured completely in a single operation without leaving the machine.

  • Accurately positioned transfer of the workpiece using the tried and tested HSK quick-change interface
  • Machining of the workpiece rear side in three additional full-fledged spindles
  • Workpiece is firmly clamped and forwarded in its clamping device without loss of accuracy
  • All functions (C- and Y-axis, polygon turning, turret) are also available for the second side
  • Complete machining of the workpieces
  • The machining area remains free and easily accessible

8 spindles and its variations

The ACX can always be adapted exactly to the requirements of the respective workpiece spectrum. It thus covers the requirements of both complex and simpler workpieces with little machining.

  • 8 main spindles for dividing extensive machining of the first workpiece side into 8 stations
  • For higher volumes on the second workpiece side, the optional second counter spindle comes into play. It enables the rear side machining to be divided between two machine cycles
  • The double indexing step is the optimal solution for workpieces with a small amount of machining. In this way, 2 workpieces can be produced simultaneously via 4 machining stations each.

Every workpiece has the right clamping

Regardless of the choice of starting material - bars, bar cut-offs, cast or forged blanks - the flexibility of the CX is also reflected in the available clamping concepts. The freely selectable design as a chuck, bar or magazine machine enables the machine to be adapted to a wide range of production concepts.

  • Flexible production of bars, bar sections, forging or cast blanks
  • Material clamping in collet or chuck on the main and opposed spindle
  • Maximum machinable part diameter 51 mm (collet clamping) or 160 mm (chuck clamping)
  • Multifaceted material transfer versions from raw material provision to finished part discharge
  • Spring stop / active ejection of magazine parts

Workpiece transfer from raw material to finished part

The CX also offers intelligent solutions in material transfer through the machine. The requirements of the different machine versions – collet or chuck – require adaptable material workpiece discharge versions. In this sense, the modular machine design of the CX generation allows you to consider the characteristics of the raw material (e.g. bars, bar sections, forging or cast blanks), workpiece weight and size as well as material ejection (random, aligned or damage-free).

  • Integrated material feed
  • Precisely positioned material pull-out from the machining area
  • Variable parts discharge via chutes or conveyor belts
  • Aligned, damage-free discharge into double-pallet devices during machining
  • Handling of heavy chuck parts via the machine axis 
  • Neutral machine interface for flexible arrangement of the parts supply and discharge

A system that keeps you flexible

We have also implemented the concept of freedom in the modular tool system of the CX. In both longitudinal and cross machining, tool units can be used with one or more rigid or driven tools, or in combination.

  • Modular tool carrier system
  • Integrated internal coolant supply for stationary and driven tools (suitable for high pressure)
  • Precise quick-change interfaces facilitate the presetting
  • Compact tool carriers guarantee free falling chips and a good overview
  • Top repeatability during tool change
  • Simple and convenient setup

Auxiliary devices extend the application field

Even with their basic equipment comprising CNC compound slides for longitudinal and cross machining as well as the optional Y- and C-axes, the multi-spindle automatic lathes of the CX generation already have versatile applications. With standard auxiliary devices for special machining tasks, the application field of this series can be expanded almost without limitations. Complete machining of turned parts with milling cuts, gearing, complex extensive front and rear-side machining, top precision and reproducible quality in interaction with extremely short machining times can thus be implemented on our multi-spindle automatic lathes in the CX generation.

  • All setting and feed axes are CNC-controlled
  • Internal coolant supply up to the machining point
  • Use of quick-change turning and roller burnishing tools
  • All auxiliary devices are fully interchangeable within their working area, including application in two-side machining

Diversity always under control

The CX control system makes no compromises. It works through the widest possible range of machining programs reliably, precisely and in extremely short cycle times. Before machining starts, it supports users with intuitive dialogue, templates and information on tooling, setting work, operation, maintenance and service of the CX multi-spindle automatic lathes. Parallel to these tasks, safety functions integrated in the control system protect operators and prevent damage to the machine.

  • Fast control for short cycle times
  • Precise synchronisation and dialogue-guided configuration of all positions
  • Optimised activation of loading and unloading
  • SICS integrated for PC and machine
  • Clearly arranged management of the tool heads
  • Loading of setup data with the NC program
  • NC programming with graphical support
  • Equipment-specifically optimised NC templates as programming aid

Your concept for customised variants

With its CX series, Schütte realised the vision of a multi single-spindlle machine or multi-station machining centre for the first time. The diversity of the machining options of a multi-spindle machine is combined with the simple setup and operation of a single-spindle machine.

  • Different expansion stages depending on the complexity of your workpieces
  • Variable exchange of the machining heads – across the entire range of machines and versions
  • Easy, simple and safe tooling, setup and operation
  • Transferability of programs
  • Version change without additional training requirements
  • Precision and convenience thanks to quick-change interface for equipment and tool heads