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ECX Series The Best of both Worlds

The ECX combines the flexibility and simple handling of single-spindle automatics with the productivity of multi-spindle automatics and thus closes the gap between the two worlds.


Decreasing batch sizes due to the individualisation of products and just-in-time production present industrial manufacturing with new challenges in competition. With its new ECX series, Schütte offers the perfect solution to this: a highly productive, new single-spindle automatic for batch sizes that are below the practical or economic application limit for multi-spindle automatics. The ECX is perfectly suitable for the complete machining of complex workpieces in medium batches sizes and with new materials. It combines the flexibility and simple handling of single-spindle automatics with the productivity of multi-spindle automatics and thus closes the gap between the two worlds.

The machine concept

  • one main spindle
  • one opposed spindle
  • six tool units
  • freely accessible machining area
  • integrated parts handling system

The next stage of productivity – the solution for medium batch sizes

Uniquely productive

  • parallel machining with up to six tools (four for the main spindle and two for the opposed spindle)
  • chip-to-chip time = 0 seconds: follow-up tools can be changed and prepositioned parallel to the productive time
  • shorter part-production times with output two to three times higher than with conventional opposed spindle machines with three turrets

Uniquely flexible

  • simple conversion and retrofitting thanks to modular structure of the tool/turret units
  • fast installation of stationary or driven tools without additional adjustment operations through precise set-up interface
  • economic production of even small batch sizes, e.g. when starting up production thanks to short set-up times

Tried-and-tested technology from Schütte

  • optimum damping properties through hydrostatic bearings, high process stability and low tool wear
  • free machining area (lines and guides outside the material removal area), free falling chips, internal
    cooling lubricant supply directly to the cutting edge
  • energy efficiency thanks to integrated cooling system with connection option to customer‘s cooling
    unit or active cooler
  • maximum stability and rigidity through self-supporting frame structure, three-point installation
  • workpiece discharge for robust parts, optional handling system for shock-sensitive workpieces
  • optional tool monitoring


The unique and completely new machine concept of the ECX is based on established components and
functional units and puts the philosophy of parallel machining and reduction of non-production times
consistently into practice. The optional interface system ensures the fast and precise replacement of
individual devices and the modular structure guarantees simple conversion or retrofitting.

Main spindle

  • up to four 3-axis tool/turret units for any type or combination of stationary or driven tools
  • shortest possible switching and change times of tool turret through highly dynamic torque motor
  • kinematic axis coupling of the turret axis with the main spindle, which makes usage as a fully-fledged Y-axis possible
  • efficient material removal thanks to fast and precise clamping of the turret axis

Opposed spindle

  • up to two 3-axis tool/turret units for any type or combination of stationary or driven tools
  • modular handling system that meets all requirements: • super fast ejection of insensitive parts • removal from the opposed spindle and depositing or transfer of shock-sensitive finished parts to an external handling system (e.g. robot cell with measurement and sorting function)


The established SICS software supports machine users with the configuration, programming and production with the machine. The familiar SICS software modules are also available here and make a step-by-step entry to Industry 4.0 applications possible.

  • SICS.Connect: communication interface based on OPC UA for digitisation solutions from Schütte and open for further customerprovided applications
  • SICS.Workstation: option for creating projects in job engineering and carrying out machine configuration and programming
  • SICS.Simulation: fully integrated simulation solution with which programs can already be executed, checked and optimised at the workstation


Main spindle
Spindle passage, max.
EC2-46 46 EC2-65 65 mm
Torque (100% duty cycle)
EC2-46 36/98 EC2-65 103/184 Nm
Rotat. speed, max.
EC2-46 7000 EC2-65 5000 min⁻¹
Output (100% duty cycle)
EC2-46 17/46 EC2-65 31/56 kW
Opposed spindle
Clamping diameter, max.
EC2-46 32* EC2-65 65 mm
Torque (100% duty cycle)
EC2-46 15 EC2-65 31 Nm
Rotat. speed, max.
EC2-46 10000 EC2-65 7300 min⁻¹
Output (100% duty cycle)
EC2-46 8 EC2-65 14 kW
Spindle stroke Z6
EC2-46 498 EC2-65 498 mm
Rapid traverse speed
EC2-46 45 EC2-65 45 m/min
Turret/tool units 1, 2, 3 and 4 (optional), at the main spindle 7, 8 (optional), at the opposed spindle
Travel X1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8
EC2-46 140 EC2-65 140 mm
Travel Z1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8
EC2-46 150 EC2-65 150 Nm
Rapid traverse speed X, Z
EC2-46 30 EC2-65 30 m/min
Turret circuitry/Y-axis
EC2-46 optional EC2-65 optional
Part-off unit 5 (optional), at the main spindle
Travel X5
EC2-46 80 EC2-65 80 mm
Tool drive (optional)
Rotat. speed, max.
EC2-46 8500 EC2-65 8500 min⁻¹
Output (100%, 40% duty cycle)
EC2-46 7,4/12,8 EC2-65 7,4/12,8 kW
Machine size, incl. control cabinet (without bar loader, cooling lubricants unit)
Machine weight
EC2-46 9500 EC2-65 9500 kg
Floor space requirements
EC2-46 10,7 EC2-65 10,7

All information available as a download

All technical Data available as a download