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Schütte 105linear Dimensions? Compact! Possibilities? Huge!

105linear – Compact with high potential

For manufacturers who produce complex tools in large quantities and with high accuracy requirements, Schütte sets new standards: The innovative, compact 105linear grindingmachine impresses with its high productivity, short cycle times and permanent precision - ona small footprint. This is made possible by special kinematics, which ensure maximumaccuracy with an innovative axis arrangement. With scalable automation solutions andintelligent additional options, the machine adapts exactly to the production requirements.The necessary robot cell is included to the basic configuration.

The basic machine - compact, dynamic, precise

The intelligent axis arrangement of the 105linear creates the ideal conditions for high-precision machine. The unique compact design guarantees the highest static, dynamic and thermal stability and minimized power flow, dynamically moving masses and effective lever arms.


  • Compact design - large machining area with a small footprint
  • Highest static, dynamic and thermal stability
  • Minimal power flow, minimal dynamically moving masses, short lever arms
  • Backlash-free direct drives in all axes guarantee dynamics and precision
  • Wear-free linear motors in the X, Y and Z axes guarantee consistently constant quality
  • Extremely high speed and acceleration profiles of the main axes
  • Two in one - the universal workpiece spindle is suitable for cylindrical grinding and contour grinding
  • Robot cell is already included in the basic version

105linear Video

Always the correct grinding wheel with optimum cooling

The powerful grinding spindle of the 105linear will certainly provide valuable impulses to the productivity of your manufacturing processes. The patented simultaneous replacement of grinding wheel set and associated cooling lubricant distributor ensure high flexibility with optimum process cooling.

  • 4-fold grinding wheel magazine included in basic equipment
  • High accuracy of repeatability through HSK interface in the grinding spindle
  • Joint change of grinding wheel set and associated cooling lubricant distributor
  • Optional: expansion to 7 or 12 places in the background magazine
  • Grinding spindle output up to 15 kW
  • Speed 15,000 rpm or, optionally, 24,000 rpm

Tailor-made automation

The 105linear offers automation options with which the machine can be continuously adjusted and expanded. This allows users to react flexibly on changing production requirements - over the entire life cycle of the machine.

  • Workpiece change via integrated robot
  • Integrated grinding wheel changer for four grinding wheel packages with up to four grinding wheels each
  • Retrofitting pick-up locations in the robot cell for additional grinding wheel packages
  • Transfer of the grinding wheel packages between the background magazine and the integrated grinding wheel changer by the robot
  • Individual space allocation in robot cells for workpiece pallets and grinding Wheel packages
  • Expandability to customer-specific logistics systems

Technical Data

Linear axes
X-axis (longitudinal movement)
Value 402 mm
Y-axis(transverse movement)
Value 300 mm
Z-axis (vertical movement)
Value 280 mm
Rapid traverse rate
X-axis (longitudinal movement)
Value 60 m/min
Y-axis(transverse movement)
Value 60 m/min
Z-axis (vertical movement)
Value 60 m/min
X-axis (longitudinal movement)
Value <0,1 μm
Y-axis(transverse movement)
Value <0,1 μm
Z-axis (vertical movement)
Value <0,1 μm
Rotation axes - A axis (rotation of the workpiece)
max. speed as axis of rotation
Value 200 rpm
max. speed as a universal rotation axis (optional)
Value 2500 rpm
Value <0,0001 Degrees
max. torque
Value 88 Nm
Adapter taper
Value SK 50
Rotation axes - C axis (swiveling the grinding head)
Travel range
Value 220 Degrees
Rapid traverse speed
Value 20000 Degrees/min
Value <0,0001 Degrees
Grinding spindle
max. speed
Value 15000 rpm
Value 11,4 kW
Value 12,1 Nm
Adapter taper
Value HKS-E 50
Value 1990 mm
Value 2060 mm
Value 2080 mm
Value 3000 kg

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