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The company Alfred H. Schütte was founded as an import company in 1880 by the privy councillor Alfred Heinrich Schütte. Expanding beyond the import trade, in 1915 we already began manufacturing machine tools as well. This was the start of a success story in machine tool manufacture, which is characterised by numerous innovative product developments. It is a family-run business now under fourth-generation proprietor management – managing partner Carl Martin Welcker is the great-grandson of the company founder.


  • 1880

    The import company Schuchardt & Schütte is founded in Berlin. Company activities concentrate initially on the import of quality steels and later move on to the import of high-quality machine tools.
  • 1903

    Founding Schütte Spain
  • 1905

    Alfred Heinrich Schütte ends the business relationship with his partner and founds a trading company in Cologne. Not only superior machine tools are now marketed from the new head office in Cologne. The guiding concept for the new company is consultation and problem solutions for customers.
  • 1910

    The continuously expanding in-house production program means that Schütte has to build its own plant. The foundation stone is laid for the new works on the meadows along the river Rhine at Köln-Poll.
  • 1915

    The first Schütte four-spindle automatic is built. The V48 series of the 1920s stands for precision in the mass production of turned parts.
  • 1919

    The first universal tool and cutter grinder is built. In accordance with the company philosophy, the objective was to act as a full-line provider that not only supplies the actual lathes but also the machines on which the cutting tools they use are made.
  • 1934

    Schütte introduces the universal tool grinding machine series WU2, WU3 and WU4.

1936 - 1965

  • 1936

    After the death of Alfred Heinrich Schütte, all company shares are passed on to his heirs who continue the company business in its previous form. Alfred Hugo Schütte, the son of Alfred Heinrich Schütte, becomes the new managing director. The Schütte family holds 100% of the company share up to the present day.
  • 1937

    From 1937 onwards, four- and six-spindle automatic lathes in the "B" series are produced.
  • 1940

    In 1940, the first multi-spindle automatic with an independently controlled longitudinal slide is built – a principle that will later become known as the "SCHÜTTE DESIGN". The Schütte Block with the convex longitudinal slides – basis of the further company success – is patented in 1940.
  • 1945

    The end of the war. The Schütte plant was almost completely destroyed in the 2nd World War. After rebuilding of the factory, the multi-spindle automatics in the "B" series developed before the war become the success model.
  • 1953

    Schütte introduces the body diagonal grinding head and registers the patent.
  • 1955

    Schütte celebrates its 75th anniversary. Rebuilding is almost complete and it was possible to restore most of the old trade relationships.
  • 1958

    The multi-spindle automatic "E" series is developed according to the same principle for workpieces with smaller diameters. Vertical camshafts in the drive housing characterise the "E" series.

1965 - 1993

  • 1965

    Dr. Claus Welcker, the grandson of the company founder, takes over management of the Schütte plants.
  • 1969

    Schütte introduces the tool grinding machine series WU32, WU50, WU63 to the market.
  • 1970

    The multi-spindle automatics in the "F" series are particularly successful. In many respects, the F series still represents the standard for cam-operated automatics today.
  • 1978

    Schütte offers a closed series of six- and eight-rod and chuck automatics in the new "F" series. For the first time, customers can select a single machine tuned to their tasks.
  • 1980

    Schütte celebrates its 100th year of business since company foundation.
    In the same year, Schütte introduces the world's first 4-axis path-controlled tool and universal grinding machine WU50CNC4. The following years see further developments in the area of 2-axis and 3-axis path-controlled grinding machines. The design size WU50CNC is replaced by the sizes WU32CNC and WU63 CNC.
  • 1988

    Schütte introduces the tool and universal grinding machine series WU500/750 CNC 4 with path control and the first 6-axis path-controlled tool and universal grinding machine WU500/750CNC6.

1993 - heute

  • 1993

    The great-grandson of the company founder, Carl Martin Welcker, takes over management of the company.
  • 1993

    Participation in Gosho
    New construction of the production hall on the eastern side for large part machining
  • 1995

    Schütte präsentiert mit dem CNC Sechsspindel Drehautomat SC32 PC- den ersten CNC gesteuerten Mehrspindler auf Grundlage der BAUART SCHÜTTE sowie den schnellsten Schütte Sechsspindel-Drehautomat SG18 der Baureihe „G“
    Schütte presents the CNC six-spindle automatic S 32 PC - the first CNC controlled multi-spindle automatic based on the SCHÜTTE DESIGN as well as the fastest Schütte six-spindle automatic, the SG 18 of the "G" series.
  • 1996 - 1998

    Foundation Schütte USA
    Foundation Schütte France
  • 1999

    The EMO in Paris sees the launch of the new grinding machine in the 305 series
    The method of simultaneous changing of grinding wheels and coolant adapters for grinding machines is patented.
  • 2000 - 2003

    Foundation Schütte Italy
    Foundation Schütte China
  • 2003

    Based on the PC machine, Schütte introduced the first fully CNC-controlled six-spindle automatics with digital motor spindles.
  • 2005

    125-years comany anniversary
    Patents for concentric runout and drum compensation
  • 2006

    Introduction of the SCX series - a new multi spindle concept without "Schütte Block" and with new machining stations - a multi machining centre ( The main features: six spindles for the front side and 3 spindles for second-side machining).
  • 2010

    Introduction of the Schütte Grinding Software SIGSpro.
  • 2012

    Introduction of the new grinding machine series 325linear
  • 2017

    Introduction of the new grinding machine series 335linear
  • 2018

    Foundation Schütte Brasilien
    Introduction of the new multi spindle automatics (eight spindles) ACX
  • 2019

    Entry in the single spindle market with the ECX series for small and medium lots.
  • 2020

    Introdution of the grinding machine series 105linear
  • 2021

    Introduction of the grinding machine series 330linear