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Apprenticeship Shaping the future together

We offer training in a total of 5 occupational fields, both in the industrial-technical and in the commercial sector. Our experienced trainers accompany you throughout the entire training in theory and practice and thus prepare you for the requirements during the training. Together with us and your other trainee colleagues, you will create the basis for a successful start to your professional life.

Did you know that Schütte is part of your daily life?

When you wake up and need a coffee or take a shower, parts in your coffee machine and faucet are made with Schütte machines - on your way to school or work you will find us in your skateboard, scooter, e-bike or car, even small parts that are built into mobile phones so that you can take beautiful pictures are made on our machines. And so it goes through all areas of everyday life. Whether on the ground, in the air or on the water, at home, at work, at school, in public institutions... You don't see us, but our products and solutions can be found everywhere to make your everyday life easier.

Within the framework of our apprenticeships, we offer you perfect entry-level opportunities in a variety of professions. In addition to vocational school, training takes place both in the in-house training workshop and in the operational departments. This means that you are actively involved in the production of our complex machines right from the start. In the commercial area, you will go through all the administrative departments - and thus get to know all the processes involved in the organisation of an internationally operating company in practice. We have been successfully training apprentices at our headquarters in Cologne for many decades. To ensure that we continue to do so well, we need people like you who want to take the first step into professional life with an apprenticeship at Schütte after leaving school.

Whether commercial or technical, that is entirely up to you and your talents, which we want to develop further together with you.

Technical profession

Have you always enjoyed tinkering and do you have no problem with complex processes in addition to tricky "brain teasers"? Then perhaps a craft or technical apprenticeship is right for you. Here you can find out everything about our apprenticeships in this area.

Commercial profession

Do you also like to organise things at school or in your private life, are you very communicative, always open to new things, interested in other languages and have you always been good with numbers? Then an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk might be the right thing for you.

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