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Schütte as employer Satisfied employees are the best performers

We are reliant on highly motivated staff to meet the high demands we place on ourselves. Schütte thus places a particularly high value on employee satisfaction. 

Long-term co-operation and satisfied employees are our capital. We make every effort to bring this about!

In order to maintain and increase the motivation and satisfaction of our employees, we offer a comprehensive package of the most diverse measures, which we are continuously expanding. Here we would like to introduce you to some of the services which together make Schütte special:

Strengthening the work-life balance together

Success at work and a fulfilled private life should not contradict each other. We therefore attach importance to the fact that our employees can easily combine both of these. We offer, for example, flexible working hours and the option of exchanging accumulated overtime for additional time off. This goes beyond the 30 leave days already offered by Schütte. Through flexible arrangement of parental leave and part-time work, we also help our employees to reconcile family and work. Furthermore, in certain occupational areas or projects home office work is also possible after consultation.

Protecting and maintaining health

We show responsibility for the health of the complete workforce. Apart from the support of a company medical officer with weekly consultation hours, we also carry out health campaigns on a regular basis. Examples of this are the much used offers such as our skin protection day, the "back health" campaign day or ergonomic advice at the workplace. ADAC road safety training courses for fitters and field service employees guarantee additional safety. Furthermore, our company health insurance fund (Pronova BKK) has a branch directly in the company, which allows insured employees to clarify issues on site with a minimum of effort and without waiting times. Our company restaurant guarantees a balanced diet with a daily salad buffet and a special low-calory dish; vegetarian dishes are frequently on the menu.

Collective wage agreement as a comfortable framework

Fair conditions for good work. This is important to us! In additional to the basic salary, we also offer a performance bonus as well as holiday pay and a Christmas bonus. Moreover, in the framework of the company pension scheme, our employees have the option of participating in the deferred compensation scheme and, for this purpose, receive an extra payment of 30.00 € a month. 



In good hands for your entire professional life

Long-term co-operation offers security – for us and our employees. Starting from qualified training and a good chance of being taken over, to opportunities for promotion during professional life and on to partial retirement offers for older employees, we often accompany our employees throughout their entire professional career. The satisfaction of our employees and job security in our company is reflected in a fluctuation rate that is well below average and in company service periods of up to 50 years. We are particularly proud that several generations of families work at Schütte and also recommend us as an employer to relatives and friends. All of this contributes to the family working atmosphere that characterises Schütte.