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G series At extremely high speeds and with CNC precision into the bend

The extremely fast cam-controlled machines are ideally suited to the highly productive mass manufacture of turned parts in short part-production times. This machine concept offers even more: the G-series combines the speed and reliability of the cam drives with the flexibility and precision of CNC technology

Wide range of parts

The multi-spindle automatics in the G-series cover the range in small turned part production up to a diameter of 20 mm. 

  • fast cam drives, extremely short idle times and high spindle speeds
  • top precision thanks to Hirth couplings in the spindle drum
  • CNC auxiliary functions make turning tolerances in the precision classes of CNC machines possible
  • high flexibility with a wide range of equipment components

Reliable, proven, stable and precise

  • classic concept of cam-controlled automatic lathes
  • small footprint thanks to compact design
  • low-vibration operation due to damping and thermally stable mineral cast base
  • high rigidity thanks to robust frame construction
  • Six or eight spindles in a precise spindle drum, positioned by means of a Hirth coupling
  • Lifetime grease-lubricated spindle bearings with labyrinth seals to protect against coolant
  • "Schütte Block" for exact guidance of tools working on the face

High speed and optimum productivity

  • Manufacturing of simple workpieces in short cycle times, cycle times below 1 second are possible
  • Incomparably short idle times from 0.4 (SG 18) or 0.5 (AG 20) seconds
  • High productivity also at the tool cutting edge: main spindle speeds of up to 10,000 rpm

Fast change-over system

  • Fast cam change through the user-friendly, quick-change arrangement of all longitudinal and cross slide cams
  • Fast tool change with exact positioning of the quick-change tool holder and replaceability between the spindle positions
  • Presetting capacity of the quick-change tool holders outside the machine, turning tools with height adjustment
  • Drilling attachments with HSK interfaces

Auxiliary devices extend the application field

The extensive range of Schütte auxiliary devices widens the application area of the G-series towards higher part complexity. Optional attachments can be used to product surfaces, slots, threads, profiles or cross holes. In many cases, this permits complete machining of the workpieces and thus increases accuracy and economy.

  • Drilling, reaming and tapping with independent tool drives
  • Gun drilling with internal coolant supply up to 100 bar
  • Four independent feed rates for mechanical long turning slides
  • Cross drilling, including cross-position or oriented to the bar profile
  • Production of threads, polygons, profiles and milling on the face
  • Tangential dressing tool for tight tolerances
  • Independent drive for shutting down the pick-up spindle and for rear machining

Precision and flexibility with CNC functions

  • Fast, robust cam technology combined with flexible CNC drive technology
  • Flexible turning of contours and thread chasing with standard tools – on both workpiece sides
  • Simple change-over within part families via CNC program
  • Enhanced turning accuracy through automatic spindle error correction
  • Input of tool wear and dimension corrections in automatic mode
  • Can be expanded up to 4 CNC compound slides plus CNC pick-up spindle on each machine
  • 2 - 3 tools for rear-side machining, face turning with constant speed and tapping

Technical Data

SG 18
AG 20
SG 18 SG 18 AG 20 AG 20
Bar capacity, using a solid clamping system:
SG 18
AG 20
standard, round
SG 18 18 AG 20 20 mm
SG 18 16 AG 20 17 mm
Pitch circle diameter
SG 18 180 AG 20 250 mm
Bar infeed, max.
SG 18 80 AG 20 80 mm
Slide travel
SG 18
AG 20
Endworking slide travel, special (total travel / working travel), max.
SG 18 63/50 AG 20 63/50 mm
Endworking slide travel, special (total travel / working travel), max.
SG 18 90/72 AG 20 90/72 mm
Cross slide travel (total travel / working travel)
SG 18 32/20 AG 20 32/20 mm
Spindle speeds, infinitely variable
SG 18 800 - 10.000 AG 20 800 - 10.000 min⁻¹
Cycle times, min./max., infinitely variable
SG 18 0,24 - 45 AG 20 0,4 - 56 s
Idle times
SG 18 0,4 AG 20 0,5 s
Nominal power rating of main drive motor
SG 18 11 AG 20 15 kW
Nominal torque rating of feed motor
SG 18 18 AG 20 18 Nm
SG 18
AG 20
SG 18 2950 AG 20 3053 mm
Length with bar feeder
SG 18 5420 AG 20 5523 mm
SG 18 1230 AG 20 1456 mm
SG 18 2050 AG 20 2158 mm

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