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Schütte 335linear Gigantic performance range in a minimum amount of space

The basic machine - compact, dynamic, precise

Our machines in the 335linear series are characterised by top precision, tremendous flexibility and long-term value stability. Thanks to a perfected modular system comprising additional options, you can cover the complete range of grinding applications, from the twist drill to the knee implant, from microtools to hobs, with a single machine type. The axis arrangement, which is unique on the market, with the grinding spindle inclined at an angle of less than 30°, enables an extremely compact design with optimum access and visibility into the working area. You are investing in a product that has been established on the market for many years and has been continuously developed and adapted to innovations in drive and control technology.

  • Compact design – large machining area with a small footprint
  • Excellent accessibility, simple setup, unobstructed view of the grinding process
  • Backlash-free direct drives in all axes guarantee dynamics and precision
  • Wear-free linear motors in the X, Y and Z-axes guarantee lasting constant quality
  • Two in one - the universal workpiece spindle is suitable for cylindrical grinding and contour grinding

Always the correct grinding wheel with optimum cooling

The powerful grinding spindle of the 335linear will certainly provide valuable impulses to the productivity of your manufacturing processes. The patented simultaneous replacement of grinding wheel set and associated cooling lubricant distributor ensure high flexibility with optimum process cooling.

  • 5-fold grinding wheel magazine included in basic equipment
  • High accuracy of repeatability through HSK interface in the grinding spindle
  • Joint change of grinding wheel set and associated cooling lubricant distributor
  • Optional grinding wheel magazine with 12 or 24 positions
  • Grinding spindle output up to 15 kW
  • Speed 15,000 rpm or, optionally, 24,000 rpm

Made-to-measure automation

The 335linear is equally suitable for all requirements from single-part production (lot size 1) to highly optimised mass production. For this purpose, it can be automated as an individual cell and can thus operate profitably in unmanned shifts or can be interlinked in production systems. A large number of automation options guarantees you an ideal cost-benefit ratio for each scenario.

  • Scalable automation: pick-up with pallet or chain magazine, robot
  • Precise and reliable gripping technology
  • Fast change cycles
  • Suitable for serial or miscel. operations

Additional options for top precision

Even in case of extreme accuracy requirements, the 335linear represents a future-proof investment. In the course of the successful completion of many demanding projects, we have developed a large number of options that can be used to guarantee initial and continuous accuracy of your production.

  • Automatic recording of the workpiece position with the 3D measuring probe
  • Special probe tip for recording coolant ducts
  • Dressing the grinding wheels in the machine
  • Measuring grinding wheels in the machine
  • Compensation of thermal deviation in adjustable intervals
  • Automatic machine measurement

Two auxiliary slides for pure flexibility

To ensure perfect preparation for all workpiece versions, the 335linear can be equipped as an option with one or two auxiliary slides. Depending on the requirement, these slides are suitable for building up a support, a tailstock or a tool guidance system. It is also possible to combine two of the above-mentioned clamping aids on a slide. You therefore also have all clamping options at your disposal for future requirements and safeguard your investment in the long term.

  • Two auxiliary slides in workpiece axis X
  • Support function fixed either in relation to the grinding wheel or to the workpiece
  • Pneumatic auxiliary stroke for tailstock function
  • Support and tailstock can be combined on a single slide

Technical Data

Linear axes
Stroke (MKS):
X-axis (longitudinal movements)
Value 480 mm
Y-axis (transverse movement)
Value 300 mm
Z-axis (vertical movement)
Value 330 mm
X-, Y- and Z-axis max. feed speed
Value < 0,1 μm
Y- and Z-axis
Value 24 m/min
Value 48 m/min
Rotation axis for workpiece (A-axis)
Value < 0,0001 Grad
max. speed range as rotation axis
Value 200 rpm
max. speed range as universal rotation axis (optional)
Value 2500 rpm
Support tape
Value SK 50
max. torque
Value 88 Nm
Swivelling axis for grinding head (C-axis)
Swivelling range
Value 225 degrees
Value < 0,0001 degrees
max. swivelling speed
Value 360 degrees/sec.
Grinding spindle (motor spindle)
max. speed
Value 15000 rpm
Value 15 Nm
Support taper
Value HSK-E 50
Grinding spindle option (among others, grinding points)
max. speed
Value 24000 rpm
max. drive output
Value 8 kW
Support taper
Value HSK-E 50
Control system
Drive technology
Value NUM FlexiumPlus68
Drive technology
Value NUM DriveX

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