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Schütte 330linear Superior precision

The specialist for cutting tools

With its stable and compact design, the 330linear stands for reliability and precision. Direct drives on all axes, the rigid axis design and thermal stability ensure process reliability. The machine is equipped with five CNC axes and state-of-the-art digital control technology. Simple programming and intuitive operation are guaranteed by the future-proof software. The integrated 4-fold grinding wheel changer achieves a high degree of automation. The large and easily accessible machining area offers excellent accessibility and the best view of the grinding process.

Well equipped for challenging cutting tools

The 330linear offers all functions for convenient production and resharpening of a wide range of cutting tools. Powerful direct drives ensure high material removal volumes. In the interaction of direct drives and high-precision scales, the machine achieves a positioning accuracy of less than 1 μ. Software and control technology are precisely matched to this. The HSK holder for the grinding wheels guarantees high accuracy of repeatability and fast changing of the grinding wheel packages.

  • Precision and process reliability in all components
  • Stable core configuration
  • Direct drives on all axes
  • Compact design with high-quality components
  • Optimised hooding - excellent accessibility and easy set-up
  • Rigid axis structure and optimized power input – inclined swivelling axis
  • Minimal compensating movements - optimised swivel point of the grinding spindle
  • Thermostability - cooled drives and thermostable machine base
  • Integrated 4-fold grinding wheel changer

Universal workpiece axis

High torques as well as excellent concentricity and indexing precision ensure an efficient and very precise process management for challenging operations such as grinding tool contours and angles.

  • High torques, high indexing precision
  • Suitable for cylindrical grinding and contour grinding
  • Speed up to 2.500 min-1

Power-optimised grinding spindle

The compact and powerful grinding spindle allows large material removal volumes. High accuracy of repeatability and quick changes are guaranteed by the HKS holder.

  • Optimized cooling and lubrication through joint change of grinding wheel package and cooling lubricant distributors
  • High changing accuracy due to HSK holder
  • Speed up to 15.000 min-1
  • Large swivel range for all grinding wheel positions in relation to the workpiece

Technical Data

Linear axes
Stroke (MKS)
X-axis (longitudinal movement)
Value 480 mm
Y-axis(transverse movement)
Value 300 mm
Z-axis (vertical movement)
Value 330 mm
X-axis (longitudinal movement)
Value <0,1 μm
Y-axis(transverse movement)
Value <0,1 μm
Z-Achse (Vertikalbewegung)
Value <0,1 μm
Max. feed rate
X-axis (longitudinal movement)
Value 48 m/min
Y-axis(transverse movement)
Value 24 m/min
Z-axis (vertical movement)
Value 24 m/min
Rotary axes - A-axis (rotation of the workpiece)
max. speed as rotary axis
Value 200 rpm
max. speed as universal rotary axis (optional)
Value 2500 rpm
Resolution in sub-range
Value <0,0001 degrees
max. torque
Value 88 Nm
Pick-up taper
Value SK 50
Swivel axis of the grinding head (C-axis)
Swivel range
Value 225 degrees
max. swivel speed
Value 360 degrees/sec.
Resolution degrees
Value <0,0001 degrees
Grinding spindle
max. speed
Value 15000 rpm
max. torque
Value 15 Nm
Support taper
Value HSK-E 50
Drive technology

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