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Software Intuitively to optimised processes - with SICS

Our Software SICS - Schütte Integrated Control System -  for multi-spindle automatic lathes facilitates the operation of the machine and provides you with comprehensive support for optimised processes and cycle times.

Functions and features at a glance

SICS helps you with the daily and intuitive operation of the machine - specially aimed to the requirements of a multi-spindle automatic.

Tracking of parts in the machine

Presentation of the current machine status with drum position, good/bad parts, etc.

Operating screens for all attachments

Intuitive setup and parameterisation of auxiliary devices and handling units

Simple configuration of the machining heads

The matching heads can be selected from a library and setup or change-over of the machine can be carried out in the shortest of times per drag & drop

NC Editor with syntax highlighting and programming aids

Convenient programming of your workpiece with colour-identification of comments and commands and context-dependent support during programming ("Intellisense")

Optimisation of processes and cycle times included

Schütte multi-spindle automatic lathes impress with their high productivity. With SICS, you can get even more out of your machine. Comprehensive functions for set-up support help you quickly change over to new parts or with the final detail optimisation of large series parts. Irrespectively of whether you have very little experience with a multi-spindle automatic or have been using one for many years - SICS will still give you an additional millisecond time advantage.

Cycle time optimisation with set time analysis

  • Analysis of the individual set times of the NC program
  • Colour-identification of the NC sets for rapid recording of program performance
  • Interaction with the NC Editor and the process time display

Refined presentation of the NC program

  • Clearly arranged display of a "process map" with all machining units
  • Automatic analysis of the "critical path" with recommended optimisations
  • Presentation of "regions" for a rapid analysis of the complete parts program

Integrated trace functions

  • A few keystrokes provide you with preconfigured traces, which you can use, for example, to determine whether performance reserves still exist (e.g. for increasing the feed rate) or whether your process is running smoothly (e.g. detection of chattering during long turning processes)

UNDO function for project changes

  • You can undo every operating function that you have saved - in a similar manner to the "undo" button in Word
  • Enables automatic process and plant documentation upon request

Continuous monitoring of maintenance and repair

SICS provides you with a wide variety of support for the maintenance and repair of your machine. You receive comprehensive information on the machine status, even down to the level of bus systems and sensors, in order to monitor trouble-free operation of your machine, or to quickly find the cause of a fault that has occurred.

Presentation of the machine status at a glance

Different status information with an evaluation of the actual status is displayed, e.g. temperatures, filling levels, etc.

Automatic diagnostics for bus systems

Field bus systems are constantly subject to automatic diagnosis and the result is graphically displayed. Fault sources are detected early and can be identified quickly. 

Integrated directly in production network

The multi-spindle automatic as a highly productive resource is integrated on many levels in a larger production environment. SICS always allows you to find the connection - irrespective of the direction.

Integration of test measuring systems (option)

  • Together with the manufacturers of tool presetting devices, a convenient interface for transmission of data between setting device and machine has been developed (support for KELCH and ZOLLER systems)
  • No typing errors when transferring test measurement data to the machine

OPC UA server for flexible Industry 4.0 Applications (option)

  • The leading global standard for networking machines and systems OPC UA allows you to interlink your machine easily with your MES system or other applications.
  • The "SICS.Connect" option provides an OPC UA server with extensive information in the network, which can be backed up and configured individually. Among other things, data on the machine status, part-production times, parts, etc. is available.