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Software Numroto

Proven standard solution as an alternative to SIGSpro

The complete solution for tool grinding

NUMROTO is a complete solution for tool grinding that has been used on machines from different manufacturers for more than 25 years. By popular demand of the user, the 335linear is available with either SIGSpro or NUMROTO.


The core of NUMROTO is the NUMROTOplus programming system. With NUMROTOplus, a huge variety of tools can be produced and sharpened. Each detail of the individual tools can be changed and thus adapted to individual needs. NUMROTOplus is constantly being expanded with new workpiece geometries and features, making it a future-oriented investment.

In addition to the NUMROTOplus software, the NUMROTO complete solution also includes all the elements needed to implement this intelligence on the tool. The 2D workpiece simulation enables a quick assessment of the programmed workpiece. In addition, the process of the grinding process can be observed in the 3D simulation. All relevant machine components can be displayed; optionally, a collision check is possible. Extensive and precise probing cycles for tool and grinding wheel are offered. The Job Control option controls fully automatic operation with all available automation systems.

The programmed workpieces can be documented in the form of a workshop-specific drawing using the additional NUMROTO Draw function.

  • Extensive, constantly expanding NUMROTOplus programming system
  • Integrated 2D workpiece simulation
  • Integrated 3D simulation for workpiece and machine room incl. Collision control
  • Probing cycles for workpieces and grinding wheels
  • Fully automatic operation via job control
  • Documentation in form of workshop drawings (NUMROTO Draw)