Schütte Service packages

Customised insurance for your Schütte machines

Co-operation throughout the complete life cycle of your Schütte machine based on our tested, customised Service packages provides the best preconditions for ...

  • stabilising the availability and efficiency of your machine at the highest level
  • safeguarding the value of your investment
  • keeping your machine constantly up to date
Schütte Lifecycle Support

The packages from our Schütte Lifecycle Support are always tailored to the special requirements in your company.

Schütte Lifecycle Support Basic

  • Technical support by telephone: our experts diagnose and correct operating and setting errors with you on the telephone during our business hours
  • Remote diagnosis service: our specialists diagnose and correct operating and setting errors via a safe Internet connection following its activation by you
  • Defined reaction times: in case a technician is required on site, Schütte shall ensure that a qualified technician arrives at your company within a time agreed between your company and Schütte.


Schütte Lifecycle Support Classic

All services from Schütte Lifecycle Support Basic plus

  • Regular checklist-supported inspections and maintenance in accordance with Schütte specifications
  • Regular on-site consultation with regard to the technical status of your Schütte machine
  • Special terms for spare parts or repair orders resulting from these measures


Schütte Lifecycle Support Premium

All services from Schütte Lifecycle Support Classic plus

  • Regular training courses for operators and repair personnel
  • Special service conditions


Schütte Lifecycle Support Individual

Based on the existing modules, together with you we develop a tailored package fully geared to the individual requirements of your company. 

Uwe Arens

Uwe Arens

Business Manager, Service

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