Schütte general or partial reconditioning

to ensure that your machine runs and runs and runs ... 

General or partial reconditioning of your tried and tested machine by Schütte can be a practical, cost-effective alternative to a new investment.

Following general reconditioning by Schütte experts with Schütte original spare parts, the performance of your machine with regard to method of functioning, output values and anticipated service life can be compared with new technology. 

And, of course, general and partial reconditioning can also be carried out in combination with a retrofit of your Schütte machine.

Your benefits:

  • Checklist-supported actual condition appraisal of the machine by our experts on site
  • Avoidance of long, unplanned machine downtimes through work steps planned in detail and carried out at Schütte or on site in your company
  • Use of original spare and wear parts designed for this machine
  • Recommissioning/test of the machine by our experts 
  • Update to the latest electronics
  • Adaptation to the most recent series status of specific parts


Schütte reconditioning

Simply use our service packages for general or partial reconditioning in your company or in the Schütte plant in Cologne..

Ulf Holzky

Ulf Holzky

Project Manager After Sales