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Retrofits How to increase the life cycle of your Schütte machine

Schütte machines are extremely durable and are highly valued precisely for this reason. Schütte "Service" also lives up to its name. 

Schütte Retrofit-Service

It supports you throughout the entire life cycle of your Schütte machine to guarantee maximum availability and efficient operation and to meet new challenges.

You are anticipating discontinued electronic components, new automation requirements or changes to your parts range? We will face these challenges together with you: with tried and tested retrofits or upgrades that prepare your Schütte machine for the future.

  • Avoidance of long unscheduled machine downtimes through reliable spare parts supply with the latest electronic components instead of expensive components, or those that are no longer available or more susceptible to problems
  • Configuration of the machine with future-proof state-of-the-art technology
  • Easier maintenance
  • Option for timely remote support via the Internet
  • Implementation of the retrofit measures by Schütte specialists with projectable short downtimes and foreseeable costs

Your contact for your Automatics or Grinding Machines requests!

Ulf Holzky
Ulf Holzky
Project Manager After Sales
+49 221 8399 770